We are the Benade's!

Well hello!  We are thrilled you are reading about who we are and thanks for visiting our website.  We are the Benade’s!  Yep, pronounced just like "Be-Naughty." Funny, huh?  On the road we call ourselves "Benade's By Nature!"  So, be sure to check our videos out on YouTube & social media and get to know us better!  

We are a family of four who just left April 23rd, 2017 for a road trip around the States!

Meet Jason, the loving father and best husband from beautiful South Africa.  A CrossFit fanatic, one of the healthiest people you will EVER meet and recent cancer survivor in 2016.  Yep, was even super healthy & fit when diagnosed with cancer.  So, why did he get it you may wonder?  Well, follow us and see as that is why we are doing what we are doing today!  We are out to help REGENERATE & EDUCATE as many people as possible about cancer/disease it's potential cause and how to potentially prevent the disease in the first place.  But, if you are WANTING ANSWERS NOW be sure to watch Jason's video in our blog, you can also click on the MENU and find the Soul Saver tab or click our other website www.soul-savers.com where you can find alternative help and information. Jason is a certified nutrition, life and fitness coach with over 15 years experience in the health industry.

Behind every good man is a better woman as they say! Malissa is a Californian wife and mother of two boys who just has to see as much as possible of the world and simply can’t stop moving! She loves to spend quality time with people and teach her kids through experiences from around the globe.  She’s the driving force behind getting out to "help as many people as possible" and doing it with 'Teeny' our 5th Wheel!

Meet Christian, the eldest son.  He’s been CrossFitting since he was 18-months and makes fitness a part of daily life.  He loves gymnastics as well as dancing, singing, watching music videos and doing MAGIC tricks to anyone who will participate!

And then there’s Blair, aka “Destructor.”  He’s the younger brother and doesn’t know it yet, but showing HUGE signs of being adventurous like his parents!  He loves ANYTHING with WHEELS!  Trains, Monster Trucks, cars, RV’S and airplanes and would love to be a pilot someday. 

And then there is Cole our sweet American Bulldog who has the most amazing adventure awaiting him and doesn’t even know it!

Who’s Teeny?  She’s our 42’ Jayco Seismic 4212 Toy Hauler Fifth wheel we own!  Our two sweet boys came up with the name.  We all think it suits her well! And her counterpart “Tank” is our 1-Ton 3500 Dodge Ram Dually who pulls our beautiful princess, Teeny.  

So…we are sure you have some questions like, “Where did Jason & Malissa meet if he is from South Africa?”  Well, we met back in 2001 while working for Carnival Cruise Lines (Make sense now why we are so “Adventurous and can't wait to show our boys the States?”)

Or maybe you are asking yourself, “What got them to sell everything, go out, buy a fifth wheel and travel?”  Again, as we mentioned, we LOVE to travel, but when someone in your family ends up with Cancer, your viewpoint about life, work, kids, marriage and so forth changes.  Quality of time immediately kicks in and doesn’t really leave.  Then, once you get non-traditional treatment in Spain for cancer and come back Cancer-Free after two weeks, you kind of want to share it with everyone to help as many people as possible!  Whether it be to help people get to Spain or teach people about prevention in the comfort of their own town, that's our mission!  On the Road to REGENERATE & EDUCATE!

So…that's us, the Benade’s By Nature!  We hope you follow our story and adventures to come!