Do you think it is possible that a single micro-drop of blood could hold the secret to not only ultimate health and wellness, but can tell you your chance of developing cancer up to 5 YEARS in advance?

Well, I am here to tell you that it is and it’s been available in Spain for 20 years!

Dr. Raymond Hilu, a world renowned Cancer doctor whose clinic, the Hilu Clinic in Marbella, Spain, developed this diagnostic tool. With the use of his personalized one of a kind microscope, Dr. Hilu can magnify a single drop of blood 65,000 times and look inside your blood cells.

Dr. Hilu Conducting Live Cellular Blood Analysis

Dr. Hilu Conducting Live Cellular Blood Analysis

This tool is known as live Cellular Blood Analysis and is used to determine the state of your body on a cellular level. You see even though your blood is on a slide it is actually alive for 10 days allowing dr. hilu to watch it in it's natural state, this is wild I know!!

Here are some of the things Dr. Hilu looks at when analyzing your blood droplet

  • Trimethylglicine Levels which effect oxidative stress

  • Taurine Levels which effects the efficiency of the immune system

  • Immune System State of Health by the health and shape of your white blood cells

  • Acidosis and the presence of solid fibrin

  • Lymphatic Congestion

  • Excess Oxidation Levels

  • Electromagnetic Balance

  • Vacuolizations

  • Liver Toxemia/Congestion

  • Adrenal Stress/Nervous System Imbalance

  • Cell Membrane Fragility

  • Metallic and Chemical Toxicity

Dr. Hilu uses this method to treat and heal very sick people with any disease. But, what excites Dr. Hilu most is its use as a predictor. With his 30-years combined experience in treating disease and cancer, Dr. Hilu can tell if you are on the road to developing many different types of cancer.

Do you have a cabinet full of unused vitamins?

Do you have a cabinet full of unused vitamins?

The brilliant part is that it is so simple. When identified imbalances are corrected, miraculous things happen. These are things like supplementation. Have you ever felt like your body is in need of a vitamin? You just don’t feel right? I have! once you know what is missing, there is no more guessing and wasting money on cupboards full of supplements.



Makes Sense right!!

This $400 live cellular blood analysis could save you $10K-$200K in treatment costs down the road. Not to mention any pain and suffering

Dr. Hilu provides a detailed personalized treatment plan for 3-24 months, depending on your health needs. Imagine being able to potentially get off dangerous pharmaceutical drugs because you treated and fixed the underlying balances in your body. How do I know? Because I have personally done it and this was my first step to my cancer treatment.

By using this live cellular blood analysis, my cancer was cured in just two weeks and I have been cancer free coming up to 18 months now

But, even more beneficial than this, if you can believe it is that my body has regenerated in so many ways that I know there is no cancer in my future and I am now the healthiest I have ever been.

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Here is an interview explaining this analysis, if you are interested in this life changing technology and want to know more of the science behind it.


Great interview about celluar biology, stem cells, cancer, MS, Alzheimer and other major illnesses. This is the short version. 


Great interview about celluar biology, stem cells, cancer, MS, Alzheimer and other major illnesses. This is the Long version.

Soul-Savers is a website that was created to tell Jason's personal story of beating cancer and just how he did it. It is also a free resource of information to help others and explains the treatments he used personally to do so. These are tools to not only heal from diseases, such as cancer, but to help avoid getting sick in the first place. 

"When we consider healing the body, we like to use the analogy of a fish bowl....... Imagine a fish that is sick in his fish bowl. Conventionally, the fish and his symptoms would be treated. We believe in treating the water...... Fix the water and you fix the fish...... Only when the fish is living in a clean and clear environment can he heal.....thrive.....prosper....."

Yours in Health - Jason

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